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Learn and Fix what can cause a diesel generator not to start

Top 9 Reasons - Generator Not to Start In the result of a power failure standby diesel generators are there for us when we need them the most… at least that’s what we hope. As with any piece of machinery a diesel generator cannot be 100% reliable, You would know from this blog Top Common Top 9 reasons why a diesel generator may fail to start and most importantly, how to maintain and repair a diesel generator to reduce the risk of a failure. what can cause a diesel generator not to start? Standby diesel generators are often operated infrequently, meaning that monthly tests and scheduled service plans are vital to ensure faults are not occurring unknown to the operator.

10 Reasons Why your diesel generator cranks but won't start

Diesel generator cranks but won’t start. Try again and diesel generator still cranks strongly but won’t start. Check the following: 1, Do you have enough diesel fuel in the fuel tank? If YES, and the Diesel Generator cranks but won’t start? The most likely issue is the lack of fuel supply in the diesel engine. 2, Is the fuel supply line and joint cracked, constrained, bent, or ruptured? if GOOD, then this is fine; if NOT, fasten the joint and replace it with a new fuel supply line if necessary 3, Check if there is diesel fuel leakage of fuel injectors Loosen the fuel supply line to a cylinder, Check if there is diesel fuel leakage through the joint when