For any home, commercial, industrial, powerhouse, marine, and telecom application. Powered by premium brand diesel engines and the industry’s QUICKEST delivery times.

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World Renowed Brand Diesel Generator For Sale

Powered by heavy-duty Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Kubota, Isuzu, etc world renowed diesel engines, METCL diesel generators from 5 kW to 1,600 kW are 100% designed, engineered, assembled, and tested in Shanghai, China Mainland:

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Cummins Engine Powered:

16 kW To 1,600 kW

Perkins Engine Power:

7 kW To 1,600 kW

Deutz Engine Powered:

16 kW To 450 kW

Kubota Engine Powered:

5 kW To 30 kW

Isuzu Engine Powered:

16 kW To 40 kW

Find the right power solution for your business

To find out how a METCL generator can give you the peace-of-mind to get on with the job, contact METCL Generator today.

Technology & features

Built to perform

The generators feature ultra-quiet technology, achieved by redirecting both incoming and outgoing air through a series of sound attenuated baffles.

METCL Generator Package

METCL Generator Package

Conform to GB/T2820 and ISO 8528 steady state and transient response requirements. Each METCL generator has been fully prototype tested. Accepts 100% block load and 10% overload tested, meets NFPA 110 loading requirements.

Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop

The Emergency Stop function on a diesel generator is a critical safety feature designed to quickly shut down the generator in case of an emergency or malfunction. It serves as a last resort to mitigate risks and protect personnel, equipment, and property during emergencies.

Dural Anti-Corrosion Finish

Dural Anti-Corrosion Finish

Durable anti-corrosion finish is important to a diesel generator, coz it can protect frame structures, reduce costs, improve safety, ensure compliance, improve performance, and promote sustainable applications. Especially the generators installed at the seaside

Renowned Alternator

Renowned Alternator

METCL Generator comes with renowned alternator, such as Stamford, Leroy-Somer, Mecc Alte, etc. Choosing alternators from these reputable manufacturers ensures superior performance, longevity, and peace of mind for power generation applications Robust Class H insulation

Generator Cooling System

Generator Cooling System

Designed to operate in standard ambient temperatures up to 40°C/50°C (104°F/122°F). Contact METCL Generator for specific ambient and altitude capabilities

Digital Controller

Digital Controller

METCL Generator comes with built-in world renowed Digital controller, such as Deepsea 4520/7320, Woodward Easy3000, ComAp InteliLite MRS16, and Smartgen 6120 Generator Controllers. They’re programmable, monitorable and measurable remotely so you can get tailor and track the performance of your generator no matter your location.

Extra benefits

Unlock convenience and remote control capabilities with METCL Generator, going above and beyond to enhance your experience.

Years Warranty

Provides peace of mind, offering extended protection and assurance of reliable performance for an extended period.

Quiet Operation

At a distance of 7 metres, our 8kW marine generator operates at at 53 db(A), around the same volume as anaverage talk.

Remote Monitoring

With Cloud-based monitoring and control system, METCL Generator can be accessed and operated via your smartphone or computer.

Aftersale Support

Our expert Parts and Technician team are ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Find the right power solution for your business

To find out how an METCL can give you the peace-of-mind to get on with the job, contact your local dealer today.


Explore gensets for your industry

Generators play a vital role in any industry by providing reliable backup power solutions. Here’s a quick rundown of differentapplications.

METCL standby backup commercial generator

Mobile Application

Backup Commercial generators are quite powerful and reliable power supply units when comes to providing backup power for various commercial establishments such as buildings, banks, offices, hospitals, data centers, manufacturing facilities, etc

METCL heavy-duty industrial generator

Industrial Backup

An industrial diesel generator is a powerful and robust machine designed to provide reliable and continuous electricity in industrial applications. They are specifically engineered to meet the high-demand power needs of industries such as construction sites, mining, oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants etc

METCL powerhouse generator

Powerhouse Generator

The powerhouse generators are robust and high-capacity generators designed to provide a significant amount of electrical power for large-scale operations such as resorts, industrial facilities, construction sites, and data centers, or as a backup power source for critical infrastructure.

METCL compact small safari marine generator

Marine Safari

Marine diesel generator is designed to be robust and reliable, as they need to withstand the unique challenges of operating in a marine environment. They often come with features like sea-water cooling systems to prevent overheating, soundproofing to minimize noise, and corrosion-resistant materials to withstand salty air and water.

" The 20kw diesel generator from METCL China has exceeded my expectations in every way. I was initially skeptical about its performance and durability as others, coz it's a China-made diesel generator, but after using it for several months, I can confidently say that it has exceeded all my expectations. The generator operates flawlessly without any hiccups and provides a consistent power supply, making it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial use."
Enclosed Silent Cummins 15kW diesel generator
Mohamed - Male', Maldives
Luckily you have reliable diesel generators

Find the right power solution for your business

To find out how an METCL can give you the peace-of-mind to get on with the job, contact your local dealer today.