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Top 9 Best OEM Industrial Diesel Generator Brands

Top 9 Best Diesel Generator Brands List

Overview: The Top best diesel generator brands make only diesel engines. Different manufacturers make other parts like the AC alternator, controller, radiator, etc.

This article suggests that assembly OEM Best Diesel Generator Brands are the latest technology products in the market. They are more fuel-efficient, emit less pollution, and have more intelligent features. This allows dealers or customers to customize and upgrade the generator’s functions based on different application environments. It also helps in reducing costs.

The author will discuss the assembly Best Diesel Generator Brands definition, development history, performance characteristics, and origin attributes of these global brands. The ranking won’t follow a specific order, but it will rely on the brand’s market influence.

METCL top best industrial diesel generator brands

1, Cummins Generator

Cummins generators mainly use UK Cummins, China DCEC Cummins, and CCEC Cummins, with a generator power of 16KW-1200KW. The AC generator uses popular brands such as STAMFORD, LEORY-SOMER, and MECC ALTE. It also has digital control from Smartgen, Deepsea, Comap, and other similar brands. We also offer soundproof enclosures, container generators, control panels, synchronous parallel panels, and other services to support your needs.

2, Perkins Generator

The Perkins generator mainly uses Perkins diesel engines with a generator power of 10KW-2500KVA suitable for various applications. Caterpillar acquired the Perkins engine in 1998 and now considers it one of its brands. All Perkins engines, whether small or large, can perform well, save fuel, and be affordable to own.

3, Volvo Penta Generator

Volvo Penta generators use Sweden Volvo diesel engines, with a power of 64KW-500KW. Volvo Penta, established in 1907, is a part of Volvo Group. They make top-quality engines and power systems for marine and industrial use.

The design of the Volvo Penta generator complies with international emission regulations. Special attention to energy efficiency, manufacturing, emissions and noise, material efficiency, and future-oriented technology and environmental management.

4, MTU Generator

The MTU generator adopts the German MTU diesel engine, with a power of 650KVA-3500KVA. MTU is a company owned by the Daimler Benz Group, called Motoren und Turbon Union Friedrichshafen GmbH. MTU is a top diesel engine maker that can handle extreme temperatures, high altitudes, and tough weather.

5, Mitsubishi Generator

Mitsubishi diesel generators use Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries diesel engines, with a generator power of 600KW-2000KW. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, established in 1884, is a leading company in the general machinery field.

The industry recognizes Mitsubishi diesel generators for their durability and reliability in harsh environmental conditions. They have a compact structure, low fuel consumption, and long overhaul cycles. The product complies with ISO8528, IEC international standards, and J I. S Japanese Industrial Standards.

6, Deutz Generator

The Deutz generator adopts the German Deutz diesel engine, with a generator power of 20KVA-750KVA. Users highly trust Deutz engines because they have the characteristics of small size, low fuel consumption, and low noise. Compact structure, reasonable design, reliable and excellent performance, long working life, and economical use.

The product has a series of significant advantages such as advanced, efficient, reliable, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Equipped with intake and reflux function, it can adapt well to high-altitude and high-altitude areas.

7, Yanmar Generator

Yanmar Generator uses a Japan Yanmar diesel engine, with a power output of 8-45KVA. The Yanmar engine originated in Japan in 1912 and remains a global pioneer in diesel generator technology.

Yanmar Generator aims to provide reliable and efficient power solutions for various applications. Yanmar diesel generator has a compact design, powerful power, high fuel efficiency, economic durability, low noise, environmental protection, simple operation, and convenient maintenance

8, Kubota Generator

The Kubota generator uses Kubota diesel engines with a power output of 6.5-35KVA. Kubota is a well-known brand for small diesel engines used in industries, with a production history of 80+ years.

Kubota (Japan) has been famous worldwide since 1922 for its small size, lightweight, and ability to start in cold weather. It can start without help at -12 ℃ and with a coolant heater at -35 ℃.

9, Isuzu Generator

The Isuzu generator adopts the Isuzu 493 series diesel engine, with an output power of 20kVA to 50kVA. Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd., a Sino-Japan joint venture, produces the Isuzu diesel engine. People know the ISUZU engine for its reliability. Its innovative technology makes the diesel engine quieter, more efficient, and cleaner.

Conclusion: The assembly OEM best Diesel Generator brands are more fuel-efficient, emit less pollution, and have more intelligent features. Dealers or customers to customize and upgrade the diesel generator’s functions based on different application environments. It also helps in reducing costs.

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