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Perkins 403A-15G2 12kw diesel generator fuel consumption

Perkins 12kW diesel generator Fuel Consumption

The Perkins 12kW diesel generator is powered by a Perkins engine 403A-15G2. It has a special enclosure to reduce noise in any weather, keeping it at 65db at a 7m distance. It also has a built-in fuel tank so you don’t have to refuel often, using less than 3.3L/h of fuel consumption. An AVR guarantees stable power and has safety features like automatic shutdown for low oil levels or other problems.


13.2KW (16.5KVA) STANDBY, 12.0KW (15.0KVA) PRIME, 3PHASE, 0.8PF, 50HZ


METCL Perkins 403A-15G2 12KW 15KVA diesel generator

Datasheet of Perkins 12kW Diesel Generator

  • Genset Supplier – METCL
  • Genset Model – P16GFS
  • Generator Speed – 1500 RPM
  • Displacement – 1.496 Litre
  • Fuel Consumption at rated 12kW/15KVA Load- 3.3 Litre/h
  • Kubota Engine 403A-15G2, 15.2kW, 1500RPM, Turbocharged
  • Electronic Speed Governor
  • Radiator cooling system with fan guards and coolant drain extension with in-line valve
  • AC Alternator Producer – STAMFORD/Leroy-Somer/Mecc Alte
  • AC Alternator 4 Leads, brushless, 100% Copper Windings
  • Full load rated Power – 12kW/15kVA
  • 50 Hz. 1500RPM 3Phase AC400V
  • 3-Phase AC380/415/440V etc Multi-voltage as optional
Features of Perkins Engine 403A-15G2
  • The 403A-15G2 ElectropaK is a powerful but quiet 1.5 litre naturally aspirated 3-cylinder compact package
  • Design features on the 400D range of ElectropaKs ensure clean rapid starting in all conditions whilst delivering impressive performance with low operating costs in a small, efficient package size
  • Approved for operation on biodiesel* concentrations of up to 20%
  • Oil and filter changes are 500 hours, dependent on the load factor
  • Engine durability and reliability, the warranty offering, and ease of installation combine to drive down the cost of
  • Perkins Engine provides one-year warranties for constant-speed engines and two-year warranties for variable-speed models, as standard.

Perkins 12kW diesel generator Fuel Consumption

Perkins engine 403A-15G2 12KW diesel generator fuel consumption

Air Inlet

  • Mounted air filter

Fuel System

  • Mechanically governed cassette-type fuel injection pump
  • Split element fuel filter

Lubrication System

  • Wet steel sump with filler and dipstick
  • Spin-on full-flow lube oil filter

Cooling system

  • The thermostatically-controlled system with a belt-driven coolant pump and pusher fan
  • Mounted radiator, piping, and guards

Electrical equipment

  • 12 volt starter motor and 12 volt 15 amp alternator with DC output
  • Oil pressure and coolant temperature switches
  • 12-volt shut-off solenoid energized to run
  • Glow plug cold start aid and heater/starter switch

Flywheel and housing

  • 1500 rev/min
  • High inertia flywheel to SAE J620 Size 190.5 mm (7½ in) Heavy
  • Flywheel housing SAE 4 Long


  • Front and rear engine mounting bracket

Optional equipment

  • Parts book

Option groups

  • A selection of optional items is available to enable you to prepare a specification precisely matched to your needs

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